pure energy is pure consciousness

Zero Point Energy


 Zero point energy is energy in its purest state. 

And, in It's purest state, It could be said to be transcendental energy, divine energy.

This transcendent, zero point energy does not move, vibrate, or fluctuate. It simply IS  – timelessly teeming with infinite, absolute potentiality and forever remaining as the deep, stable foundation of every thing and every being on all levels of dimensional reality. 

Motionless zero point energy is pure consciousness - as some ancient wisdom traditions teach. 

Pure energy is pure consciousness.

These wisdom teachings (the Vedas, for example) agree with the  statement that pure consciousness is, among other things, the infinite, unbounded source of all awareness, intelligence, creativity, vitality, joy, and existence. 

On the other hand, pure consciousness in motion (vibrating energy) is the basic building block of the universe and all it contains. 

A significant number of the greatest minds in western science also assert that consciousness is the fundamental essence of our third dimensional reality.

Max Planck, recognized by many as the father of quantum mechanics, stated rather bluntly that "consciousness is primary". More to the point he said, "I regard matter as derivative from consciousness."

Fundamentally, from Planck's point of view, our reality is composed of one ingredient, pure energy, pure consciousness.

Therefore, the primary reality of our physical world - and ourselves - has nothing to do with matter as such – but has everything to do with the basis of all matter - pure energy, pure consciousness,  pure mind . 

From this perspective, 

energy is the very substance of LIFE ITSELF!

Tachyon Energy


 In its pure, potential state as pure consciousness, energy does not vibrate, It does not move. It is formless

 However, the very nature of pure energy/consciousness is to “express  itself.” It is simply the nature of LIFE to live, to express and enjoy.  

As energy begins to express Itself, it moves, it vibrates, taking on form – because vibration is form.

Tachyon energy is the first form that emerges from primary, formless zero point energy. In other words, tachyon energy is the first form, the first bit of "matter" that emerges from Source.

Because it contains all other forms of energy within itself, including all forms of healing energy, tachyon energy can be considered to be COSMIC energy.

And being the first expression of Source energy, tachyon energy has the capacity of saturating matter with pure spiritual light. 

Encoded within  itself, tachyon energy has all the purity, wisdom, intelligence, and  power to awaken the innate perfect functioning of any system, most  importantly the human mind, body, and spirit.​​

​A tachyon particle is a sub-atomic particle that is faster than the speed of light and contains the full spectrum of spiritual light. And, as mentioned above, it is the first form (particle) that emerges from pure formless energy. 

In other words, tachyon particles were created by Source in the very beginning of our universe. 

Therefore, tachyon particles are a direct connection with Source, and naturally transmit the true original blueprint of creation.  

During a tachyon chamber session the client experiences the transmission of tachyon energy (in the form of subtle tachyon particles) directly the into body.   

The Tachyon Chamber


A Tachyon Chamber is a portal that delivers tachyon energy to the human body. 

Using  advanced, Pleiadian technology that configures sacred geometry, noble metals, and crystals embedded with “wormhole technology,” the Chamber  attracts tachyon particles from beyond “near Earth orbit” and funnels them directly into the person occupying the Chamber.  

The effects of Tachyon Chamber sessions are permanent. 

After 5 twenty minute Tachyon Chamber sessions, many participants report that they experience enhancement of their general energy field, increased feelings of well-being, greater emotional and mental clarity, and increasing ease with physical issues. 

Other reports indicate that deeper issues improve over a longer term with subsequent Tachyon Chamber sessions that result in progressively more stable re-connection with Source. 

Refer to our Testimonial page for personal accounts of such benefits.


A word about strength and flexibility:

Prior to making appointments and coming from a distance, sometimes great distances, the client must be flexible enough, strong enough, and able enough to get in and out of the Tachyon Chamber by themselves. 

99% of our clients have no issues whatsoever about getting in and out of the Tachyon Chamber. 

However, if you have questions about being physically able to get in and out of the Tachyon Chamber without assistance then please contact us in advance to address those concerns. 

A word about caffeine

Also, it is best to refrain from too much caffeine prior to your visits. 

Physiologically, the Chamber experience facilitates a  hypo-metabolic state in the nervous system - a more slowed down rate of functioning (as does the "JUST ME" Process detailed below). 

Caffeine does the exact opposite. It contributes to a hyper-physiological state - a more frenzied state of neurological functioning. 

Too much caffeine before a Chamber session reduces the effects of the experience.   

A word about benefits: 

Each person is different. Each person grows and heals at a unique rate. 

As Tachyon Chamber testimonials affirm, some people experience profound benefits immediately and other people experience a gradual, subtle transformation over an extended period of time. 

We invite everyone to come with an open heart and mind and trust that the Divine orchestrates the intensity, quality, and timing of benefits.   

A word about payment

We are not set up to take debit or credit cards. Please bring cash (our first preference) or (if necessary) a check to cover all payment. 

The closest bank or ATM is twenty miles from the Tachyon Portal so please be aware that it may be difficult to access cash while you are here – difficult but not impossible. 


​A word about our pets

We have two cats and a dog. 

Sometimes one of the cats breaches our strategically engineered line of defense and takes up a concealed offensive position in the Tachyon Portal area of our home. 

If you have an allergy or aversion to cats please let us know beforehand.

 We will then take tactical measures (in accordance with Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions) to initiate code-red lockdown procedures to secure the perimeter. 

On a more serious note, we are not set up to treat pets with any of our healing modalities. And, we have been advised by Cobra not to allow pets in the Tachyon Chamber. 

A word about accommodations:

Please scroll down on the "About Us" page of this  website for a complete list of things to do while you are in the area and a complete list of available accommodations in the area. 

We are very much looking forward to your visit.​ See you soon!

Victory of the Light!  

Setting Up an Appointment

Tachyon Chamber Sessions

If you would like to experience the unique off-world technology of the Tachyon Chamber for greater health and expansion of consciousness then contact us at: thetachyonportal@gmail.com. Or call us at: 541.587.4360

We recommend a series of 5 sessions of 20 minutes each, ideally 2 sessions per week for the first 2 weeks and a third session the following week for maximum integration. 

For those coming from  a distance those 5 sessions are available in a more time-compressed  package. 

Each person is different. Each person grows and heals at a unique rate.  

As Tachyon Chamber testimonials affirm, some people experience profound  benefits immediately and other people experience a gradual, subtle transformation over an extended period of time. 

We invite everyone to come with an open heart and mind and trust that the Divine orchestrates the intensity, quality, and timing of benefits. 

Tachyon Chamber Session Fees

A word about payment

We are not set up to take debit or credit cards. Please bring cash (our first preference) or (if necessary) a check to cover all payment. 

The closest bank or ATM is twenty miles from the Tachyon Portal so please be aware that it may be difficult to access cash while you are here – difficult but not impossible.

Tachyon Chamber Fee Schedule:

The fee for each minute inside the Tachyon Chamber = $3

The recommended time for each session is 20 minutes = $60 

The recommended number of initial sessions for maximum benefits is 5 = $300

For those repeat clients that have completed their first 5 sessions at the Oregon Coast Tachyon Portal = $200 per all subsequent 5 session  packages at the Portal.

Other fees:

One-on-one Spiritual Enlightenment Counseling using the Spiritual Awakening Technique  (S.A.T. Sessions): 

To book session click HERE


Infrared Tachyon Purification:

(click for more info)

$3/minute for the minimum of one 20 minute session = $60

Free to those booking a Tachyon Chamber Session

Other Services We Offer at the Portal

In addition to offering Pleiadian Tachyon Chamber sessions the Portal Facilitators also offer a variety of other services that, like the Chamber sessions, facilitate accessing and integrating PURE THOUGHT-FREE CONSCIOUSNESS into daily life.

This real Self, our inner Self of peace and happiness, is not obscure or hidden. It is always accessible right where 

we are now. 

The Spiritual  Awakening Technique (S.A.T.), the basis of the 2 hour Enlightenment Session, is an easy to learn and straightforward, powerful process  that invites our attention away from the fantasies of who we think we are and points it directly to the fulfilling reality of who we actually are - right now. 

The S.A.T. is a simple process that can be likened to a guided  Self-inquiry session that reveals the no-time, no-space reality of this moment of Here and Now, which is the Self, which is me, which is you, which is everyone and everything. 

To book a session click HERE

The  "JUST ME" Process that we share is a simple and pleasant method  that allows our attention to rest in the "me" that "I AM."  

The "JUST ME" Process is an opportunity to clearly experience that there is absolutely no difference between the common, ordinary, familiar sense of "just me" and our real,  present, perfectly fulfilling Transcendent Self. 

It is such a relief to discover, perhaps for the first time, that the "Me" in the following statement refers directly to this simple, down-to-earth, here-now presence of the "me" of all of us:

"Come unto Me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give thee rest."


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 The Tachyon Portal is a scenic 18 mile drive up the Umpqua River from the spectacular Central Oregon coast. Go to http://tachyonis.org/Chamber.html for the worldwide locations of other Tachyon Chambers. 

 Currently The Tachyon Portal in Scottsburg, Oregon is not wheel chair accessible and is not available for pets.


By permission, a small portion of the above text contains condensed/edited information from a webpage created by ROB POTTER http://thepromiserevealed.com and entitled Tachyon Chamber Network. The unedited, original article can be accessed at http://prepareforchange.net/healing/tachyon-chamber-network. The above text also contains tachyon information mined from the work of​ DR. JOSEPH MCNAMARA www.TachyonCounseling.WordPress.Com who is featured on a video entitled New Look @ Rejuvenation Healing - Golden Tachyon. This video can be accessed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN7aeq30wDc


 A Tachyon Chamber session is not a therapy recognized or approved by the FDA. By law we are required to state the following: Tachyon Chamber sessions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary