A Word About the Benefits of Tachyon Chamber Sessions:

Each person is different. Each person grows and heals at a unique rate. As Tachyon Chamber testimonials affirm, some people experience profound benefits immediately and other people experience a gradual, subtle transformation over an extended period of time. We invite everyone to come with an open heart and mind and trust that the Divine orchestrates the intensity, quality, and timing of benefits. ​  



"I'm glad I made the trek down to the beautiful Umpqua river valley. It was a treat to meet you and Laura (hello to her and Luna too! :) and experience the portal. There's definitely a clear, peaceful yet powerful energy that one experiences in the portal and your home.  And many thanks again for offering me a turn in the other tachyon chamber and for guiding me through the "just me" process. The most energy I felt was that morning in the portal followed by that process." 


As a medical researcher and practitioner of orthopedic massage, yoga and aromatherapy, I have experienced many different devices, methods and tools for accessing higher consciousness and I can confidently say that nothing I have encountered has connected me to source as intimately and powerfully as the Tachyon Chamber. Initially the feeling was one of increased gravity and a re-wiring of my mind which made me spin a bit. As soon as I left I began hearing a clear and immediate voice of higher-self, guides and source, coming through. The download of information was instant and strong. I knew with complete certainty that everything I heard was true, there was no doubt or second guessing. I now have a direct, clear connection to the source of all knowledge and can be guided by it where as before I simply followed synchronicity and asked for guidance to come through from others. This has been a powerful life changing experience and I know it is just the beginning. There is the potential to access telepathy, clairvoyance Pre-cognition and deep states of no mind presence. All of these experiences were enhanced in the days  at the center. I knew what people were about to say and my inner guidance brought outside validation of the information that was given. I have long said, often in frustration, why can't my guides just send me an email instead of making me endure the painful process of following the clues! Well that is exactly what started happening. In one of my conversations with source I was told that I was not completely from earth and incarnate between earth and my home planet, that is why many earthly processes are difficult for me, digestion in particular.
Later the same day I got an email from an event I had never heard of and an invitation to a talk from a woman who works with and writes about people who are hybrids and star seed souls. Her book answered so many things for me. This is just the beginning of a life with a clear and conscious connection to source that is empowering all of my highest potentials. Much gratitude for Laura and Blaze and their beautiful healing center nestled in the woods.



"After about 3 weeks of regular, almost daily, Tachyon Chamber sessions I have noticed a gradual increase in flexibility and a gradual reduction in arthritic pain in both thumbs and in my right  knee. More importantly, I notice a clear and definite strengthening of my conscious communion with my REAL SELF during the day. This is the  major benefit I was hoping for."   - B.C. 10/12/2-16

"Physically, a painful tooth situation has resolved. I've  also experienced a reduction in arthritic aches and pains. And my feet  that have been hurting badly for the past 9 months and causing me to  hobble with every step are finally improving. I still have some soreness and stiffness in the middle of the bottom of my feet, but overall I am relieved and encouraged that a full recovery is possible. Spiritually, each time I use the Chamber I come out with  feeling more expanded in consciousness. This stays with me more and more  throughout the day."  ​- L.C. 10/16/2016

Shawndeya of Marcola, Oregon shared the following:

I  heard about the chambers and was anxious to try a session. When I found out there was one within driving distance I was very excited so I immediately made an appointment. At first we could not find the place and almost turned back. It was actually easy to find but there was resistance somewhere.  We  entered the home into the living/waiting room and was immediately struck by the beauty and peacefulness of the environment. The spacious room was filled with exquisite light filled artwork; sculptures created  by the lady of the house.  Blake,  the man of the house, welcomed us, showed us the room where we would have our treatment and invited us to a conversation on the sectional  couch to get comfortable and ready for the process.   The  simple white room had... (NOTE: at this point she describes the Chamber and Cobra has asked us not to publish photos or descriptions of the Chamber.) 

When I placed myself (in the Chamber) immediately I felt buzzing vibration, especially in my head, down my arms and into my hands. As time  progressed I was aware of the buzzing vibration in the lower part of my body.  I placed my attention within, seeing this as an opportunity to connect with my higher self/guides/angels, (whatever or whomever) and received some telepathic communication. I did not have any out of body or visionary experience as did my partner.  When my time was up I returned to the couch and shared my experience. My skeptical husband decided to give it a try after my synopsis.  When he came out he was very excited and wanted to share his experience with us. He had a visionary experience which dovetailed nicely with his native heritage.   Recovery and effect: I felt very sleepy and rested a lot for the first week or two. Importantly I have noticed a dramatic improvement in connecting with Creator along with increased desire to be that higher self or to put it  another way ‘to remember myself.' This has effected my work with mentally ill women as my level of love, compassion and understanding has increased.  Without any reservation whatsoever, I highly recommend this experience and am planning on many more as the future permits.   Victory of the Light!  Shawndeya, Marcola OR

Robert from Colorado wrote the following after his first visit:

 The Tachyon Chamber in Scottsburg Oregon was an experience I won't  soon forget.  

First off the forests surrounding Scottsburg are very healing just to see them. Our journey from Reedsport Oregon took us next to the  Umpqua River, such a beautiful river it is.  We were able to see a large herd of beautiful elk on the right side of the road. 

My experience in the Tachyon Chamber in Scottsburg was wonderful and  powerful. My friend and I felt called to visit this chamber. Laura and Blaze were wonderful hosts, very caring. The second day on our trip we came once again to spend some time in the Tachyon Chamber. This time the energy I felt was profound. I felt as if I were receiving acupuncture/acupressure from the chamber. 

The energy was very powerful and it helped me to sleep better that night. I felt tremendous joy on my second and third sessions. I know it all has to do with were each person is on their journey.   

We will be coming back.   

The area is one of the most beautiful places  I have been to. I highly recommend you visit if you feel called. If you do please  share your experience with others. Thank you Laura and Blaze your work is greatly needed in this world. 

Many Blessings,  Robert K.     Lone Tree Colorado 

Inside a Tachyon Healing Chamber​ by Prem Geet

Prem Geet experiences a unique session based on an out-of-this-world Pleiadian Technology. Tachyon energy experts say that humanity is facing the long-awaited Golden Age and the Pleiadian civilization is gifting healing technologies to humanity.  

A healing device from the star people… that’s what a Tachyon Healing Chamber is, and there are only two of them open for public use in the USA, and only eight worldwide. The chamber is said to have been developed by someone called Cobra, in cooperation with the Pleiadians. The chamber enables the arrival of tachyons from higher dimensions into physical matter.

But first, what is tachyon? According to Dr. Joseph McNamara of Tachyon Counseling, a world leader in tachyon technology information, “Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. They are particles that infuse physical matter with spiritual light. Tachyonization is a technological process that impregnates the physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and thus it permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter.” Dr. McNamara adds, “This gifted technology is designed to help us progress past the veil of illusion and into our next stage of evolution.”  

MIT’s Dr. Gerald Feinberg first defined Tachyon energy in 1966 as a “faster-than-light sub-atomic particle.” While the word “tachyon” was coined in the 1960s, Nikola Tesla and others were experimenting with and theorizing about faster-than-light-particles and free energy way before that.

Tachyon particles vibrate at a subatomic level and seem to decrease the entropy of physical matter, and slow or reverse the aging process and strengthen the immune system. Use of Tachyon products, such as tachyon beads on cell phones, reportedly protect human beings from harmful radiation. 

Tachyon is considered a subtle energy that can strengthen the energetic field linked to the physical body. Harmonizing electromagnetic fields,tachyon treatments and products are said to improve health, enhance athletic performance and accelerate spiritual growth.  

In a word, “acceleration” best describes my first experience of a Tachyon Healing Chamber at Tachyon Counseling,  in Waynesboro, VA, USA. Once inside the simple pyramidal chamber, my skepticism rapidly dissolved into an exquisite non-ordinary state of consciousness.  

In session, my consciousness began to travel. A profound visual music took over as I freely flew around the starry cosmos without a body. Starlight and silent choirs of angels seemed to merge. I saw in my mind’s eye Enlightened Masters. The Ascended Masters felt nearby as if tending to me as a precious woman in their personal care. They seemed to be discussing my condition but were beyond my frequency. It felt like: “She’s ready. Let’s go.” I felt relief, like a  fatigued infantry soldier finally being brought to safety.

Research describes Tachyon as an energy that intensifies the structure of the cells and “reminds” them of their perfect order. In my case, my shadow parts were intensified and then I was re-minded of my divine nature.

As my mental ego reminded me of where I was physically, my spirit began accelerating across infinity. Deep structures of negative emotion — greed, hate, anger, fear, distrust — rose into awareness and the surface of my cells, then dissolved. Energy around my joints circulated and buzzed. Needle-like energy treated my sacrum and left hip as preventive medicine. I know I will remain healthy and feel so grateful. Deeper “humanity structures” of primitive rage lifted up and out from my unconscious. This darkness was deeper than mere shadow. This was ancient violence that the human culture wrongly believed was necessary for its  survival.  I also felt the electric connection between my womb, creativity, and mouth. I saw fleeting  abstract patterns of how creativity starts in the womb and travels up for expression. The womb is a reservoir for huge creative energy to serve humanity. Higher intelligence patterns showed how, if we are not expressive, the creative energy gets backed up and turns negative.  

My consciousness went very high, way beyond recognizable forms and names, into the highest energy I have ever known. It was pure, impersonal, cosmic intelligence, a dense shower of silvery gold light sound infinity. The space was so sacred it did not feel holy, but more like a  new form of nourishing smart light without a past.

A great deal  of energetic movement whirred through me, and my energy body made circular motions around my physical body. The bliss was so profound I could not “come back” when the 20 minutes were up. I wanted to stay “out  there.” I felt very relaxed and expanded when I finally got up to leave.

After the session, I could suddenly  see how my anger and fear incite each other and create a continuous loop that was interrupted by awareness in the session. Most importantly, I was shown that anger isn’t really anger, but anger at fear. This session really helped me own and understand suppressed fear that as a consequence I don’t have to project on others to avoid feeling my fear.

For two days following the session, I slept, cried, drank a lot of water, and perspired intensely. A great deal of healing took place in my lower back and mouth. Sleeping was the best option as I felt my energy body spinning in an unusual way. I felt very upset for all the children in the world affected by violence and all the parents who are violent to  their children. I prayed for all violent, neglectful parents and asked  God to forgive them. “If they knew better, they would do better,” said  Maya Angelou. Later I went through a heart release that felt like I was  dying. I feel certain that the Tachyon Healing Chamber helped me prevent a heart attack. I am forever grateful.

What did I learn? We have helpers. And in essence, we are god. No more avoiding or hiding the god within. Before tachyon, my soul was horizontal. After tachyon, it’s vertical. Big shift! Yet I can’t explain it. All skepticism aside, the Tachyon Healing Chamber is truly, out of this world.

Of course each individual having a session in the chamber will have uniquely different results. Possibly for me another session will lead to a totally different experience. I sense that each experience is based on what a person is ready to experience, is based on what help a person needs. Also, it appears in particular that there are a majority of medical testimonials for the chamber.

Prem Geet is a regular contributor to OSHO Magazine  This article has been reprinted with permission.