Becoming More Aware of the Self 

The growing awareness and enjoyment of Self - a shared Self that is simultaneously Universal and Individual 

is the goal and purpose of  life. 

It is our experience, and the experience of many others, that time spent inside the Tachyon Chamber enhances Self awareness during the day.

The practical benefits of being more aware of our real Self 

during the day are too numerous to list. 

However, to be brief, because the essential nature of Self is revealed to be unconditional Transcendent Love, being aware of our real Self during activity provides the stable basis for freedom to experience more love, happiness, health, youthfulness, and enthusiasm for life. 

Being authentically and continuously aware of our thought-free True Self immediately frees us from fear, loneliness, depression, sadness, trauma symptoms, ill health due to or exacerbated by stress, and a lack of enthusiasm for all aspects of living.   

With a combined 75 plus years of experience practicing and teaching Deep Meditation and the direct experience of Self, we know that Deep Meditation, properly understood and practiced, and  the Spiritual Awaking  Technique (S.A.T.) can enhance anyone's ability to be more aware of the Self during the day. 

Therefore, in addition to offering Tachyon Chamber sessions we offer:

  • ​individual spiritual counseling using The Spiritual Awakening Technique (S.A.T.) that focuses on the direct experience of pure  non-dual BEINGNESS, the Self 
  • Deep Meditation instruction that focuses on the direct experience of Self​​​
  • The Self Love Method that pulsates powerful, purifying, and penetrating waves of positivity throughout our 4 lower bodies (etheric, mental, emotional, physical)

The Self 

The end of spiritual seeking is a full, clear, visceral awakening to the Self, who and what we are right now. That’s it. 

Sometimes that journey is very fast.  Sometimes gradual. No matter. We all end up in the same place. Right where we already are. Here. The quiet space that gently rests beneath the incessant and frantic hustle and bustle of the mind is the true "here". 

This true "here" - where we've always been  - is a place of visceral fulfillment and peace. It is the only place where we realize that the “I” that I am is none other than the conscious “we” of all beings. As that connection is realized it becomes clear that the separate “I” is not real - and never has been.

When  it becomes irrevocably clear that the "I" of me is connected to  everyone and everything, peace descends like a warm blanket. As that realization stabilizes, that "warm blanket" expands to reveal Itself as the space of existence, Reality Itself. The Reality of Thyself. 

The instruction that hung above the entrance to the Temple of Apollo in Delphi was “Gnothi Sauton” – Know Thyself. Why? 

Advanced souls know the direct experience of the Self to be the foundation and fulfillment of human life, the ultimate knowledge, the most powerful spiritual “technique,” and the source of all healing. The direct experience of Self, as every saint, yogi, and genuine guru knows, is a direct experience of Pure Energy, Pure Life Energy.​ 

The Spiritual Awakening Technique 
Deep Meditation 

This real Self, our inner Self of peace and happiness, is not obscure or hidden. It is always accessible right where we are now. 

The Spiritual  Awakening Technique (S.A.T.) is an straightforward, powerful process that invites our attention away from the fantasies of who we think we are and points it directly toward the fulfilling reality of who we actually are - right now. It is a simple process that can be likened to a guided Self-inquiry session that reveals the no-time, no-space reality of this moment of Here and Now, which is the Self, which is me, which is you, which is everyone and everything. 

The  Deep Meditation program that we share is a simple and pleasant practice that allows our attention to rest in the me that "I AM" - our real,  present, perfectly fulfilling Transcendent Self. "Come unto Me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give thee rest." 

We offer Deep Meditation instruction  and  S.A.T counseling services in private, one-on-one sessions. 

S.A.T. Session Testimonials 

 I experienced the JUST ME (S.A.T.) process about two months ago. Even though my mind is still churning out thoughts, objections and wanting to "do" something "spiritual" to "speed things up/advance" (open my pillar of light, activate my lightbody, etc) during the meditation, I find that I am aware of this stillness in the midst of/beyond all that. I also have noticed  that in the course of each day I am more established in a state of peace and I can let go of things much more easily.  

-- Bonnie, July 2019

Yesterday I received a Wonderful & Even Deeper Understanding / A (Knowingness...Yes, my word play), of the I in the I Am of Me, through this Delightful Guidance that the facilitator shared from his heart. It was so very unique & I am in a deeper understanding & alignment for my own growth than ever before after going through this Gift of experiencing this S.A.T. Session. I am a Star-seed, Intuitive Empath and have developed my Clairvoyant & Clairaudiant abilities over many years, as well as helping others for over a decade in my own practice. In fact, I haven't had a session with anyone for over a decade, as well. But I was drawn to this beautiful gift he provided. I can say from my heart that I would recommend a session with the facilitator to even the most gifted & in-tuned person, for it has changed me & my heart is filled with deep grace. Thank You for sharing your wisdom with this loving gift.
In Love and Light,

 -- Letitia of Lemuria  Phoenix, AZ

During my S.A.T. sessions with the facilitator I was gifted with a breathtaking New Reality that is just a beginning of the life I’ve desired for forty years. 

-- Marni Moreno, Salem, Oregon

Thank you so much.  I am looking forward to reading all of these. What a treasure Judith gave me and what a treasured experience this (the S.A.T. Session) was with you. In gratitude, 

-- Loci, San Diego CA

The S.A.T. program is top-notch, the best. Now I know what happiness really is and how to access it – the kind of happiness that you know in your gut is the real thing. And, if you want solid peace of mind, do these sessions. 

​-- B. B. Aubrey, Vancouver, WA

I would like to tell you from my heart and soul that our conversation has left me with enduring inner peace, truly the “peace that surpasses all understanding”.  I am fortunate to have been born with a longing to find this inner peace and have been searching for the “Holy Grail” of spiritual knowledge all my life.  What is especially precious about the gift of our communion is how I find myself naturally desiring and finding my I AM SELF simply by entering the Hereness and Nowness of Just Me.  For me this is the way to live stress free and unafraid of death. I look forward to future conversations.            

 -- Judith Knight, Light Worker at  Large

I AM eternally grateful for your loving presence, patience and guiding me to absolute truth and reality. Meditation and seeking is over, spiritual freedom and sovereignty can be realized within hours. I thank you for compassionately guiding me through a journey to awaken and have direct access to my I AM presence.  The Unity has always been there, simply awaiting my arrival and Presence. Thank you for guiding me home, and giving me this eternal gift. I AM forever grateful to you. -- J. Smith, San Diego, CA

More potent than any other self development program that I’ve ever  experienced. More real than meditation or any other spiritual  technique that I know of. More real than you can imagine.  

-- Lucille Leon, Vancouver, WA

Just a quick note to thank you for the process. It was very comprehensive and each level with the individual questioning drove me deeper into a total sense of me, the eternal being-ness of I AM. I never connected all of those concepts and names I use continuously into such a succinct understanding of oneness. The deeper you took me the more I realized that I was the only one here in my reality and the connection between what I perceived as a separation between my personality and my divine essence manifesting through the physical reality, was never so clearly reconnected back into my consciousness as one being with no space or separation. The separation as you said was a mutation of the I AM but ultimately was the same being, essence consciousness just altered for the experience. That is why it has always been said nothing is greater the GOD no matter what polarity you place on this separation whether the Devil, Satan etc, it has all come from one source, GOD!!!!!!!! Everything is manifest from GOD. Thank you again. I would recommend this process to anyone seeking to understand the truth of who "YOU" truly are. 

-- Amber R. Wiltsie, Olympia, WA

Thank you very much for sharing this profound process with me and everyone.  A most valuable universal, non-religious, guided direct experience of the what and who and where and how we all actually are, beyond and prior to our complex of mind and self-identity.  Your ability to cultivate and invoke communion, awareness of the eternal presence, in its many aspects, is both very profound and very simple. To be reminded and invited to rest in this more than wonderful communion with the divine, perfect, limitless, reality of love and truth and peace and presence, is a gift I am always very grateful to receive.  I found the process to be at once a liberating demystification via direct experience of our ground of being, always available, and an invitation into its fathomless mysteries!  I would recommend this process to anyone interested in establishing themselves ever more deeply in the prior divine reality, full of pertinent reminders of the futility of seeking and the absolute sufficiency of the happiness, love, fullness and peace that is our essence and true nature.  Thank you deeply. 

-- Matthew, Los Angeles, California

The SAT technique showed me that "I", "God" is all there is. The Truth revealed. 

-- Ruby Norrey, Clakamas, Oregon

My experience with the S.A.T. session brought my sense of self into a perspective that is a truer, deeper 'just me' than ever before. n our world there are so many distractions, the love and the eternal bliss that is always accessible and there for us is a gift that enables us to see our true situation in this physical body. This process brought that into my conscious awareness in just a short time this morning. It is a practice of remembering who I really am moment to moment, anywhere or any place or with anybody that will help me to navigate any circumstance in an authentic state of awareness. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have connected with the facilitator and for the energy that came from my session with him. No pretentiousness, no intimidation on any level, just pure giving.

(and later) I wanted you to know that the bliss from the session yesterday is still with me. Thank you for the attachments. I am having a hard copy printed so that I can continue with this process.  I even coughed less yesterday and today.  This is an amazing milestone for me. Such simple truth and so very powerful. I am beyond grateful! 

-- Barb Wagner, San Diego, CA

Thank you so much for your gift of wisdom and talent to make me feel how beautiful and peaceful it is to Be  Pure Love and Free of any limitations. This technique to bring me back to I AM is the most simple and natural cure from illusion and deception. The Wholeness is everything who I AM, when I AM, where I AM. Just simple Intention… and I AM. Bless you,

-- Manuela, Vancouver, B.C.

Thank you for your time, wisdom & dedication and so generously sharing them with me! No words can describe how deeply I was affected by the experience during this session! It was ground-breaking, eye-opening, profound, transformational and a turning point how I see myself and the world; something I've been looking for my whole life. Wholeness, power, balance, peace are finally within reach. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and blessings! 

-- Danni, Vancouver, B.C.

If you really want what you've always wanted you will get it with the S.A.T. method. 

-- Maria Santos, Tualatin, Oregon

The SAT session got me to understand my existence in one session when I had been in the quest for years - the peace and freedom that comes with that understanding and clarity is profoundly reality altering and transformational. So much realization and clarity in one session - My deepest gratitude Love. 

 -- Zohra, Vancouver,  BC 

My experience with the S.A.T. session provided me with the enlightenment experience that I’ve not been able to achieve through years of attempting meditation. The procedure is simple and can be repeated, once you know how to get there and what it feels like. The light bulb goes on!   I recommend it to anyone.

-- Linda, Seal Rock, Oregon

My S.A.T. Session

In just a few short minutes, the facilitator asked me simple questions and I found answers that reveal to me that I am aware of consciousness, and being-ness and being present now. Talking on the phone with the facilitator is so easy and in giving the answers, I was made aware that I do have the experience and knowing-ness right here, within just ole me, just Deb, and that is that being in a blissful state of mind is absolutely natural and I have it with me all the time. So simple. So gracious. It’s like breath.

Always here, close by. Always here, always dear. It’s as if the facilitator has a flashlight and he shines it in a direction that you haven’t thought of before. With his focused light, you can see and experience something that is with you all the time, and that something is a true feeling of peace. Within. Anywhere, anytime. Extraordinary. I am so glad I had a S.A.T. session with him.

Most gracious thanks 

-- Deborah Knight Eaton Maine

The S.A.T. program gave me a clear, undeniable, and very enlightening experience of my true inner self. I recommend it for those seeking a direct  experience of truth. 

-- Barry Gillette, Portland, Oregon 

I  found a richness of meaning I hadn’t anticipated; a great many  teachings came vibrantly alive for me. I also got and took  an opportunity to admit that I wasn’t as far along as I wanted others to  believe. I got to quit pretending – and it was OK. -- Patal Rameshsingh, Portland, Oregon