About Us


A Bit of Background

We have been students and facilitators of spiritual growth for most of our lives. 

Our major focus has been the transcendent teachings of Deep Meditation as taught by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – to whom we are eternally grateful. 

An equally important focus has been the direct experience of "I AM" through SELF INQUIRY using the The Spiritual Awakening Technique (S.A.T.)  as inspired by Yogeshwar Muni (Charles Berner) and Ramana Maharshi, considered by many as India’s greatest contemporary sage.

All of our areas of focus have been greatly augmented by the conscious releasing of subconscious toxic emotions and programming using the laser-like teachings of the great American Yogi, Lester Levenson and his contemporary protégé, Lawrence Crane.   


Where We Are

The Tachyon Portal is located at 162 Spicer St. Scottsburg, Oregon  97473.

When you visit the Tachyon Portal you will be close to the heart of the historic and picturesque splendor of the Central Oregon Coast and the Umpqua River. 

Make you stay with us a truly memorable event by taking advantage of the innumerable outdoor or cultural activities (listed below) for which our area is famous or by simply relaxing in the scenic country atmosphere.

The list of places to visit and things to do while you visit the Umpqua River area is almost endless: picnicking, swimming, deep sea and fresh water fishing, golfing, kayaking, camping, boating, hiking, and more. One certain thing can be said about your tachyon journey and how you spend your free time between sessions while you are here - endless adventure awaits! What a marvelous and purposeful way to spend a vacation!

Besides the legendary golf course of the Bandon Dunes and the equally celebrated coastal sand dunes along Highway 101, the following is a very short list tourist attractions and places to visit in nearby coastal communities including Coos Bay, Florence, and  Reedsport:

Coos Art Museum  
A cultural focal point of Oregon’s scenic Southern Coast

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort  
A  peaceful escape where guests can unwind, rest and revive between some of the most beautiful and relaxing golfing imaginable – overlooking the serene Pacific Ocean.    

The Umpqua River   
Used by a wide variety of aquatic and outdoor adventurers, boaters and  kayakers, this stunningly scenic waterway is most famous as a popular destination for fishermen fishing for salmon and bass.

Suislaw National Forest   
The Siuslaw National Forest stretches from the lush forests of the coastal  mountains to the unique Oregon Dunes and the beaches of the Pacific  Ocean. Come, play, explore a stunning choice of things to do and see.

Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area    
The  Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area is a 1000 acre plus sanctuary located 3 miles east of Reedsport Oregon on Highway 38. This quiet safe haven  provides you and your family plenty of unforgettable opportunities to  view from 60 to 100 majestic Elk, roaming freely in their natural habitat.

Loon Lake   
Make  your own family fun at our wonderful resort! Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort offers you some of the best lodging ​and camping near the Oregon  Coast. “The most beautiful lake you've never seen…” (RV Life Magazine)

The Oregon Dunes   
Build memories that last a lifetime for you and your family by renting a dune  buggy and driving your family through Oregon’s largest and best dune riding areas which include numerous trails and beaches! Or sit back, relax, and have an experienced guide drive you.


Motels, Hotels, Airbnbs, and Bed & Breakfast services in our area:

The Umpqua River Inn and Suites

River Inn Elkton 


Daybreak Haven B & B

Fir Grove Motel

​Salmon Harbor Landing Motel

Economy Inn Reedsport
(541) 271-3671

Best Western Salbasgeon Inn & Suites of Reedsport

For a list of airbnb accommodations in the area please go to: https://www.airbnb.com/s/Elkton--OR--United-States/homes?atlastest5=true&gclid=CjwKEAjw1a3KBRCY9cfsmdmWgQ0SJAATUZ8b_JQMUotKkeq6jDVwr5YoctLbRrJTzf5R1QFMqhkdSBoC1B7w_wcB&allow_override%5B%5D=&s_tag=3EqbbWO0